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Superintendent's Message - June 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians:

As the school year quickly comes to a close, I want to thank all of you for everything that you have done to support our schools and our students this year.  It has been amazing - the number of hours you have devoted, the creative energy, your financial support, everything.  The Moreland School District could not serve our students at such a high level without your tremedous help.  I am constantly in awe of your efforts.

As I prepare to retire next mont, your kindness and support for the Moreland community will be a lasting memory for me, and a lasting legacy for you.  Thank you for helping to make this job the most gratifying of my career.  The Moreland School District is a beacon for school districts in Silicon Valey, and it is no surprise that our enrollment continues to grow - more than 700 new students over the past decade.  Thank you.

And it's fitting that as the year comes to a close that we again recognize some of our achievements.  The Moreland music program again shone bright on many recent evenings as our students performed a number of successful spring concerts for packed audiences.  Our Parent Project and CBET (Community Based English Tutoring) programs received the Hoffmann Award for drawing our community together through adult education.  Moreland Middle School received the Gold Ribbon Award last week, as one of the finer middle schools in the state of California.  And on an individual level, Assistant Superintendent Denise Clay and Payne Principal Theresa Molinelli both received Goldin Foundation Awards for their outstanding service in education.  Finally, Stacey Legere,our Library Specialist at EDS, has just been awarded the Santa Clara County 2015 Moomaugh Award for excellence as a Paraprofessional in School Library Services.  Add to that the many employees and volunteers recognized at our May 26, 2015 Board Meeting, and it's very impressive.  And there's so much more.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful summer, and spend lots of time relaxing and reading together.

 Take care,

Mark Barmore





Mark Barmore

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