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MMS Honored with Project Cornerstone Caring Middle School Climate Award

Moreland Middle School staff and students are proud to announce their recent receipt of the Project Cornerstone Caring Middle School Climate Award.  This award recognizes the positive, caring culture of respect among the members of the school population at MMS.  Through programs like Positive Behavior Incentive System (PBIS) and the Just Be Nice campaign, MMS staff, students and parents have noticed a positive improvement in the relationships on campus.

Students are encouraged to participate in leadership and learning at MMS.  They have the opportunity to join in a variety of academic, sports and social clubs.  Students are also supported academically with programs like Thrive, AVID, homework centers, intervention and GATE classes.  This all contributes to the creation of a caring school climate where middle school students can be successful and thrive.

Moreland Middle School
Announced as Winner of 2011 Hoffman Award

Moreland Middle School has been selected as a recipient of the 2011 Hoffman Award in the Accountability and Assessment category for their Roadmap to Academic Excellence program.  This prestigious award honors exemplary educational programs in Santa Clara County that have a significant impact on student success.

Moreland Middle School administrators and teachers collaborated to develop a program designed with the specific goal of using data-driven instruction to close the achievement gap while meeting the needs of all students. With the belief that “every child is our child,” MMS established a school plan with a long-term vision and specific measurable objectives to ensure that all students feel academically, emotionally, and socially successful. 

The success of the Roadmap to Academic Excellence program is being measured by a systematic program of data collections and analysis.  Benchmark assessments are given in English Language Arts and Math every 8 weeks.   In addition, each year STAR assessment data is analyzed to determine which specific sub groups are underperforming, identify the specific areas of need, and design curriculum/programs to address their needs.

Moreland Middle School has shown significant growth in its API score jumping from 768 in 2009 to 843 in 2010.  MMS successfully met targets for each subgroup for all three grade levels.  This program significantly enhances learning experiences in English Language Arts and Mathematics for Moreland Middle School’s students.  After two years of implementation, Moreland Middle Schools API grew 75 points in 2009-10, the highest growth for middle schools in Santa Clara County.

Moreland School District is proud to be a recipient of the Santa Clara County School Boards Association Glenn W. Hoffman Exemplary Program Award.



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